Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wan Arif & Roslaili

Salam and good day...! Wedding is a significant event in one's life. No matter how many times a person may have experienced it, every wedding will command a little change in the person's life. The person will, in the days ahead after each elaborate matrimony, live side by side with the spouse - till death do them part. Down the road, the sail may not be smooth. In the future, old couples may mellow slightly in trying to express their love for each other. Wedding photos are great help. Seeing their young selves, the reasons that brought them together, the laughter and remembering the revelry the night after the ceremony will evoke the feeling that -  yes, these lines that wrinkled our faces over the years are worth millions. Capturing these memories are essential, and we are proud to be able to capture them for Wan Arif and Roslaili. Here are some shots of their celebration of love. Enjoy!
Akad nikah.





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